FiberPoP Solutions - Delivers Digital Content at Light Speed

Welcome to FiberPoP: 

Our mission is to deliver unlimited digital content at the speed of light. We develop, engineer, build and manage open access, high capacity Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) networks and data centers for communities in the Upper Midwest.

  • Blazing Internet speed with virtually unlimited digital content choices in real-time.
  • Considerable value to households and businesses for Internet, video and telephone telecommunication services.                                      
  • Community-based fiber infrastructure using proven technology.
  • An open access platform that will revolutionize how communities connect to the Internet.
  • Digital content and entertainment choices only dreamed about today.
Our seamless integration of Telecommunications provides: Private Line Networking at Light Speed, Cable Television,  Internet Service and Data Centers with a complete array of bundled and unbundled services on demand.